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Make A Statement With These Mesmerizing Living Room Wallpaper Ideas - Part 1

Wallpaper Ideas 24 Jul, 2020

How Can You Transform Your Living Room?

As living rooms come to life with an irresistible spirit, nothing beats the room defining appeal that a wallpaper full of personality and a joyful print can impart. According to best interior designers in Kochi, living rooms lend themselves well to wallpaper and there will be no problem creating a warm and cozy environment that family and guests find endlessly inspiring. Wallpapers come with so many intriguing living room ideas easily available at a variety of price points and finding the right one can be an investment for you.

No matter what you are looking to create, a feature wall for an added sense of a bit of color looking for an on-trend living room wallpaper idea or add needed texture for extra visual impact, there’s everything you need to consider about traditional and modern living room wallpaper ideas helping you to navigate to a decision. As wallpapers come in different designs and styles, turn to the top interior designers in Kochi to provide some inspiration for the best living room wallpaper ideas.  

Wallpaper Options

Removable Wallpaper:

Allowing you to change the style of your living room with ease and comfort of knowing that the new addition is less permanent comes the removable wallpaper types. With removable wallpaper, interior decoration Kochi can easily peel it off without damaging your walls and switching it out for a different style, color or pattern of the wallpaper. The wallpaper can be easily peeled off or restick if you decide about the feature wall at the other end of the room, being not a problem as it adheres to the wall much easier. Are you bored with your selection? Update the interiors of the living room quickly which comes as a smart living room wallpaper ideas switching it up as often as you want. 

Standard Wallpaper:

Underestimating the power of standard wallpaper that you consider living room wallpaper ideas would be a grave mistake. When you want some longevity with the design selections, standard wallpapers make for the ultimate addition. As they come available in as many colors and styles possible to imagine, and as long as you know what you are doing, 3D interior design in Kochi can install it especially with new ‘paste the wall’ technology. Wallpapering the home comes easy by the advent of paste the wall wallpaper saving the laborious task of hanging wallpaper the traditional way. Unlike removable wallpaper, your choice should be right and made confident as it can be an ordeal to update or remove. 

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas


You don’t have to get a theme-oriented wallpaper idea to extend it throughout the décor scheme and instead, you can use it as a definitive anchor defining the tone of the room not being too literal or heavy-handed. Use statement-making tones when you use a graphic tribal-inspired print taking advantage in small doses. They work together effortlessly without blending in too much to keep the eye moving. 

Bold + Eclectic

An eclectic print comes similar to a tribal print that is certain to lend the living room an unmistakably heavy air with a rich sense of play. take everything over the top sticking to just as few personality-filled pieces keeping the look light and endlessly appealing. 


Consider a surreal trompe l’oeil print as the ultimate way to redefine a room while tricking the eye endlessly if you are hunting for a lively living room wallpaper idea. It can range from Salvador Dali inspired homage to faux doors and windows as the surreal wallpaper becomes one of the most fun living room wallpaper ideas of them all. 

Fresh Gingham

A symmetrical gingham is both timeless and gender-neutral that takes a cue from regal country estates. With a classic color like the khaki with a hint of lavender, they ensure style and stand the test of time. 

Tonal Texture

Other than blank neutral walls, get the most unique living room wallpaper ideas with a tonal covering boasting the texture making space feel larger than it is as well as cozier at that. 

Batik Prints

This kind of batik wall covering is similar to the look and feel of a tribal print lending your living room a delightful sense of the organic and cultural that remains beautiful in appeal and unique to boot. 

Graphic Black + White Stripes

With a striking visual impact, a bold black and white striped wall covering remain classic until the end of time as you can never go wrong with a black and white color combo. 

Accent  Wall

While it is too much of a commitment for you, covering all of your walls would be something that your budget doesn’t allow. An accent wall is a great alternative whatever be the case when a living room wallpaper ideas do not require a fully covered area. It is sure to lend your living room an extra depth while punctuating it with great design. 


When you are on the search for creating a sense of wanderlust with an evocative print channeling another era or an idyllic provincial scene from the past an intriguing decadent feel comes with far-flung wallpaper design. 


Bold and statement-making wallpaper is expressively boasting a watercolor feel with guests wondering if they are looking at the paper or if it’s a custom painted wall. 

Abstract Floral

This is another pattern lending the living room a laid back spirit pairing well with just about anything. 

Concluding Thoughts 

While there are many kinds of wallpaper ideas suiting your living room interiors, very few add to the ambiance. This depends on the tastes of the interior design firm in Kochi and the client. Give you living rooms that most exciting revamp and decorate the walls in timeless beauty. 

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