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Take account of these interior design trends of 2019

09 Dec, 2019

Interior design trends are changing in a roller-coaster pace. It is almost the end of 2019. But a look into the trends that kept interior design alive will do us good and set the standards for the coming years. Adding style to the interiors is a job of professional designers. All that you need maybe just a fresh coat of paint here or there, or replacing some old fixtures with the latest designs.

Some of these trends may be implemented without any help, whereas some may need professional assistance taking into account the overall look achieved without compromising on the sophistication. The trends are moving away from the coldness of minimalist design to adding warmth by replacing brighter colors and richer textures.

We list some of the trends that were alive in 2019 so that homeowners can choose and easily implement them. For more professional help, consult a designer who has ideas that can be incorporated into the house.

Taking a step back to nature

While the earlier trends were regarding technology, 2019 saw a complete u-turn embracing materials to replicate the feeling of being in the midst of nature. Along with natural materials like natural stones in the form of granite and marble, metal elements like copper and brass and concrete are also part of the décor. They can be used anywhere especially on the feature wall or any other place that would need a tranquil ambiance. Metals like brass and copper are used in bathrooms to replace the steel and chrome fixtures with a guarantee of a luxurious look even for the plainest spaces.

A step forward with Floral patterns

Even though kept out of use, floral prints have made a comeback, using it on the furnishings or the wallpaper. They can be found in brighter colors and larger prints, highlighting the focal point in a room. If they look too bold, use them on a cushion or any other piece of furniture you have. It breaks the monotony of neutral shades on the bathroom walls by using floral printed tiles.

Add richer colors to the interiors

In 2019 we watch the trends moving away from the neutral color palette which was a significant component of the modern minimalist design style. The further move was towards richer and bolder tones adding to the drama. Be bold enough to experiment with bright red, sunflower yellow, natural green and shocking pink for the interiors.

Use the bright colors for the furnishings, giving an ambiance of happiness for the room, ensuring it doesn’t overpower by contrasting with softer shade to tone down the energy of bright colors. Creating interesting highlights with well-chosen yellow accents does give the interiors an attractive look.

What the monochrome adds to the interiors

Monochrome highlighting adds a classic look to the interiors and is a stark contrast that makes the room stand out from others. The advantage of monochrome is that it can give both a bold look or a more muted style. Either way, it looks good whichever option you choose.

Experiment with geometric patterns

If you are a person tired of the fluidity of floral patterns, try the geometric patterns sure to bring freshness. The trend is large oversized prints with bolder colors. They are easy to be included in the décor, in both upholstery or the wall covering or even floor tiles and carpets.

If you aren’t a fan of the fluidity of floral patterns or prints, then bring freshness to your home in 2019 with geometric patterns. Like with florals, large oversized prints are the new trend as are bolder colors. The good thing about geometric prints is that they are easy to include in the décor, in either the upholstery or the wall covering. One can even use it on the floor through geometric printed tiles or carpets.

Concrete accents design trends

Being popular for flooring and countertops, the usage is being extended to fixtures like lampshades. The raw unfinished look adds to the attractive look of concrete and so expect more application especially in the tile version that is easy to incorporate.

Matte finishes are captivating

It is goodbye to glossy paints and varnishes this year. With its soothing and dramatic sheen, the matte effect is back in charge. Using it on furniture and furnishings give it a sophisticated look. It tones down the boldness of bright colors creating a more relaxed ambiance in the room.

Lighting up the interiors.

The last year saw recessed lighting with no visible fixtures on the wall and ceilings, while vintage lighting is making a comeback in 2019. The featured lighting this year is chandeliers, pendant lights, and sconces widely used in home makeovers. Metal finishes are in the trend so expect lighting fixtures in copper or brass. They come in the place of steel and chrome finishes. These metallic fixtures create a contrast adding richer tones for a beautiful effect.

Deck up with the right furniture

Interior design is never complete without furniture designs and now they are doing a turnaround to vintage pieces adding to the popularity. In bedroom designs, for example, the canopy bed is an ideal addition that is sure to blend with any design theme infusing a romantic ambiance.

Explore the velvet fabric

Moving away from the minimalist trend, furnishings are set to get plush options like velvet infusing sophistication into the rooms, be it a sofa in the living room or a couch in the bedroom bringing unmatched style to the room.

Knowing home design trends and incorporating elements into your home to refresh the look and blend with existing décor is one factor to be noted. The best thing among the design options is to create a design introducing vintage lighting into a modern living room without any clash. How to infuse bold colors into the room without overpowering is the professionalism of designing.

Only a professional designer can help you get the perfect look with your New Year home makeover. Understanding your preferences and budget to choose the elements well suited for your house, a designer can make a world of a difference creating the right look for your interiors.


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